Blendstock Brokering

Help to select the $-Best Components for your fuel (Gasoline, diesel, bunker)
We are assisting you through all the steps to buy the best components making the most $-Profitable batch (gasoline,diesel,bunker), reminding you that Blending is the arithmetic of Prices and Properties.


Helping make profitably fuels, e.g. gasoline, diesel, bunker, meeting the specs worldwide
┬áRefinery Automation Institute has a great experience worldwide, with multiple connections: Asia, Europe, North and South America and so on. This will help you to find the best deal meeting all the specs, doesn’t matter the geographic location.


Guide to estimate Blendstock components prices
The Blendstock component price is the “Achille’s heel” of everybody. In order to estimate a blendstock price you need to have a subscription to services like: Opis, Platts, Argus and so on, but it is for sure you will not find the price of your blend component with your properties. What to do then? We are going to use a method proposed by Platts to predict blendstock component prices, with an error of +/- 15%. Not bad right!!

Supplier contact Info, Location, price, quality and delivery times
We have partnership with the best trading companies worldwide. We are here to make sure you are going to have the $-Best deal.

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