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Houston, June 19-21,2018

  • 3 days training session (9am-5pm)
  • The course is focused on Blending Economics
  • Make Money with the new Sulfur 2020 spec. We have recipes for this
  • Select the right components and estimate the blend components prices
  • Plenty of Exercises Hands-ON and simulation of real cases with the Smart Blend Optimzier
  • Use the Smart Blend Optimizer to Maximize the Profitability
Are you ready for the IMO 2020, 0.5% sulfur spec?
This is the only course that provides you with new low sulfur recipes, low sulfur blend components, without incur in compatibility and stability issues.


Day One:

  1.  Overview of Bunker Business
  2.  Marine Fuels Specifications, Components & Additives
    • Latest IMO Specs, and future 2020 0.5% wt Sulfur specs
    • Review of Bunker Blend Component Database
  3. Bunker Blending Schemes
  4.  Bunker Blend Linear / Non-Linear Properties
    • Calculation of Non-Linear Properties and Impact of Profit
  5. Typical Bunker Blending Equipment
  6.  Blend Component Price Estimation
    • Commercial prices Vs Internal cost of production
    • Sources of Blend Component Prices
    • Estimating Blend Component Prices
  7. Blending Exercises

Day Two:

  1. Introduction to Bunker Blending Optimization
  2. Simulation of Real Cases
    • Rotterdam / New / ARA
    • Mediterranean / Genoa
    • Middle East / Fujairah
    • Singapore
    • Cheap Bunker Blend with 2 Blend Components
  3. New IMO 2020 0.5% wt Sulfur Recipes
    • Blend Components suitable for 0.5% wt Sulfur Bunker
    • Availability of 2020 Compliant Fuels
    • Examples of 0.5% wt Sulfur Recipes
  4. Quality Assurance
    • Lab Precision and Dispute Resolution
    • ISO 4259 use for dispute resolution and alternatives

Day Three:

  1. Delivery Quantity Measurement
    • Methods: dipping, tank gauging, flow meters, MFM
    • Comparing accurancies
    •  Cappuccino Effect
  2. Clean Fuels and Environmental Issues
    • Impact of Sulfur, NOx, and Particulate Matter
    • Managing 2020 bunker fuel transition
  3. Using Scrubbers: Types, performance, costs
    • Design of Scrubbers
    • Performance of removing contaminants
    • Cost effectiveness Vs Ship Size
    • Scrubbers: Yes or no Vs Payback
  4. Advantages of In-Line Bunker blending
    • Shore-based
    • Small Blenders on Ship

Special lab visit where it’s possible to see real time the compatibility and stability measurements.


Hands-on Exercises:
  • Volumetric Blend Calculator for Bunker- Marine Gasoil blends
  • Non-Linear Property Calculators
  • Blend component and off-specs price calculator
  • Bunker Blend Optimizer—-
  • New Recipes for 2020 Sulfur Spec
  • and much more……

This is translated in:

  • + 600 pages of Bunker Blending Handbook
  • + 15 Blending Exercises with Blend Optimizer Cases
  • + Plenty Exercises to help you learning faster and making right choices
  • +  Bunker Smart Blend Optimizer (Demo)
Reference Material Review:
  • Product Spec Books
  • Market Price Bulletins
  • Data Base of Blend Components
  • Various Legislation (EPA, RFS, etc)
  • List of Blending-related URL’s


  • Bunker Traders / Blenders
  • Fuel and Blend Component Traders
  •  Independent Blenders
  • Terminal Operators
  • Biofuel Producers/Traders/Blenders
  • Market/Research Analysts
  • Marketing Managers
  • Policy Makers/Legislators
  • Everyone who wants to make $-Money with Blending


The venue is located in Houston, near by the George Bush Airport.
The address is: 425 N. Sam Houston Parkway E, Houston, TX 77060, USA
Tel.+ 1 281.310.2315

Hyatt Regency Houston

The early bird fee is $ 2985 (if you register before May 15th) per person
The late fee is $ 3185 per person
There are also special discounts for a group of 3 or more students
Refinery Automation Institute provides: Breakfast, Lunch, Mid-Morning and Mid-Afternoon meals (hotel is not included).
Hyatt Regency Hotel provides preferred rates for students who attend the bunker blending course.
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