Houston (Texas), March 10-11,2020

  • 2 days training session (9am-5pm)
  • The course is focused on Blending Economics
  • Select the right components and estimate the blend components prices.
  • Plenty of Exercises Hands-ON and simulation of real cases with a brand new Optimizer
  • Ethanol/Methanol and Oxygenates Calculation (Exporting to other Countries)
  • E15 (up to 15% vol of ethanol), understand pros and cons.
  • Learn how to make-$-money with Blending with smart choices.

We decided to dedicate two full days just for Gasoline Blending!!!!!!!

The best Gasoline Blending course in the World

Learn how to make $-Money with blending. Easy as ABC


Day One (Gasoline Blending):

    1. Gasoline Specs: EU, USA, Middle East, Asia, Latin America, World
    2. Spec differences between Conventional, Euro-BOB, US-BOB’s and Oxygenated Gasolines
    3.  Typical Blending Components and Their Properties
    4.  Estimating Blend Component Prices using Platt’s Method
    5.  Blend Component and Finished Product Pricing
      • Internal cost of production
      • Commercial Pricing Basis: Component Properties Effects on Prices
      • Comparing Blend Component “Internal” Cost vs. Use of Market Prices
    6.  Blending as “Arithmetic of Prices and Properties”
      • Linear Vs Non-Linear Blending: Why Bother?
      • Recipe Change Impact on Blend Prices while meeting Specs
      • Recipe Change Impact on Blend Properties

7Introduction to a brand New Blend Optimizer, and Why You Should Use One

8. What is Price, What Is Profit?

– What Enters in Price and Profit Calculations

– Gross Profit vs. Actual Profit

9.How Do We Evaluate and Compare Blendstocks Based on Properties and Price

– To Buy

– To Use

Day Two (Gasoline Blending):

  1. Laboratory Measurement Precision and Dispute Resolution
  2. Ethanol Blending
    • Boost of Octane, RVP, and Depression of Distillation Temperatures
    • Neat Specs (without Ethanol) and Specs After Addition of Ethanol
    • Impact on High Octane Components and Prices (e.g. Reformer Severity)
  3. Renewable Fuels Standard
    • RVO’s (renewable volume obligation), RIN’s, credits for sulfur and benzene
    • EPA Complex Model to determine compliance with RFG specs
    • USA 95 RON standard: how do you make it? with EtOH? ETBE? etc.
  4. Advantages of Butane blending in Gasoline (conventional or RBOB)
  5. Why You should consider In-Line Blending with economic advantages


Hands-on Exercises:
  • Volumetric Blend Calculator for Gasoline, Diesel, Ethanol blends
  • Non-Linear Property Calculators
  • Blend component and off-specs price calculator
  • Gasoline Blend Optimizer—-Brand New Optimizer, designed it for you!
  • Diesel Blend Optimizer*
  • Ethanol property boost calculator
  • and much more……

This is translated in:

  • + 800 pages of Gasoline Blending Handbook
  • + 35 Blending Exercises with Blend Optimizer Cases
  • + Plenty Exercises to help you learning faster and making right choices
  • + RAI Gasoline Blend Otpimizer (Demo)*
Reference Material Review:
  • Product Spec Books
  • Market Price Bulletins
  • Data Base of Blend Components
  • Various Legislation (EPA, RFS, etc)
  • List of Blending-related URL’s


  • Gasoline Traders / Blenders
  • Fuel and Blend Component Traders
  •  Independent Blenders
  • Terminal Operators
  • Biofuel Producers/Traders/Blenders
  • Market/Research Analysts
  • Marketing Managers
  • Policy Makers/Legislators
  • Everyone who wants to make $-Money with Blending


The venue is located in Houston.
Norris Centers – Houston
9990 Richmond Ave., Suite 102
Houston, Texas 77042
(713) 780-9300

Norris Centers Houston

The early bird discounted fee is $ 2099 (Valid till January 25th) per person
The early bird fee is $ 2299 (if you register before February 20th) per person
The late fee is $ 2499 per person
There are also special discounts for a group of 3 or more students of the same company.
Refinery Automation Institute provides: Breakfast, Lunch, Mid-Morning and Mid-Afternoon meals (hotel is not included).
There are a variety of hotels close to the venue (less than 1 mile) like: Houston Hilton Westchase  or the Houston Marriot Westchase. If you prefer to stay downtown, please keep in mind the heavy traffic in the morning.
Unfortunately for now we don’t have any deals with the above mentioned Hotels.
            CLICK THE BUTTON TO REGISTER or send an e-mail to info@refautom.com

Registrations will open on Janury 4th 2020.

*Please bring with you a laptop. We recommend to bring a windows based laptop, because the software works only on Windows and it requires Microsoft Excel installed with the solver active. If you have an Apple Mac, make sure you have softwares that allow you to use Windows as operating system, either in paralle and/or rebooting your laptop.

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