Houston (Texas), October 23-24,2019

  • 2 days training session (9am-5pm)
  • The course is focused on Blending Economics
  • Select the right components and estimate the blend components prices.
  • Plenty of Exercises Hands-ON and simulation of real cases with a brand new Optimizer
  • Ethanol/Methanol and Oxygenates Calculation (Exporting to other Countries)
  • E15 (up to 15% vol of ethanol), understand pros and cons.
  • Learn how to make-$-money with Blending with smart choices.

The best Gasoline and Diesel Blending course in the World.

Learn how to make $-Money with blending. Easy as ABC


Day One (Gasoline Blending):

    1. Gasoline Specs: EU, USA, Middle East, Asia, Latin America, World
    2. Spec differences between Conventional, Euro-BOB, US-BOB’s and Oxygenated Gasolines
    3.  Typical Blending Components and Their Properties
    4.  Estimating Blend Component Prices using Platt’s Method
    5.  Blend Component and Finished Product Pricing
      • Internal cost of production
      • Commercial Pricing Basis: Component Properties Effects on Prices
      • Comparing Blend Component “Internal” Cost vs. Use of Market Prices
    6.  Blending as “Arithmetic of Prices and Properties”
      • Linear Vs Non-Linear Blending: Why Bother?
      • Recipe Change Impact on Blend Prices while meeting Specs
      • Recipe Change Impact on Blend Properties
  1. Introduction to a brand New Blend Optimizer, and Why You Should Use One
  2. What is Price, What Is Profit?
    • What Enters in Price and Profit Calculations
    • Gross Profit vs. Actual Profit
  3. How Do We Evaluate and Compare Blendstocks Based on Properties and Price
    • To Buy
    • To Use

Day Two (Gasoline Blending):

  1. Laboratory Measurement Precision and Dispute Resolution
  2. Ethanol Blending
    • Boost of Octane, RVP, and Depression of Distillation Temperatures
    • Neat Specs (without Ethanol) and Specs After Addition of Ethanol
    • Impact on High Octane Components and Prices (e.g. Reformer Severity)
  3. Renewable Fuels Standard
    • RVO’s (renewable volume obligation), RIN’s, credits for sulfur and benzene
    • EPA Complex Model to determine compliance with RFG specs
    • USA 95 RON standard: how do you make it? with EtOH? ETBE? etc.
  4. Advantages of Butane blending in Gasoline (conventional or RBOB)
  5. Why You should consider In-Line Blending with economic advantages

Day Two (Diesel Blending):

  1. Diesel Specs: USA, EU, Middle East, Asia, Latin America, World
  2. Blend Components, Properties, and Prices Calculations
  3. Diesel No-Linear Properties Calculations
  4. Diesel Cetane boost calculations
  5. Diesel BLEND OPTIMIZER and why you should use one
  6.  Bio-Diesel vs. Renewable Diesel: What’s the Difference
  7. Diesel Lab test precision and blend targets


Hands-on Exercises:
  • Volumetric Blend Calculator for Gasoline, Diesel, Ethanol blends
  • Non-Linear Property Calculators
  • Blend component and off-specs price calculator
  • Gasoline Blend Optimizer—-Brand New Optimizer, designed it for you!
  • Diesel Blend Optimizer*
  • Ethanol property boost calculator
  • and much more……

This is translated in:

  • + 800 pages of Gasoline and Diesel Blending Handbook
  • + 35 Blending Exercises with Blend Optimizer Cases
  • + Plenty Exercises to help you learning faster and making right choices
  • + Gasoline and Diesel Smart Blend Optimizer (Demo)*
Reference Material Review:
  • Product Spec Books
  • Market Price Bulletins
  • Data Base of Blend Components
  • Various Legislation (EPA, RFS, etc)
  • List of Blending-related URL’s


  • Gasoline Traders / Blenders
  • Fuel and Blend Component Traders
  •  Independent Blenders
  • Terminal Operators
  • Biofuel Producers/Traders/Blenders
  • Market/Research Analysts
  • Marketing Managers
  • Policy Makers/Legislators
  • Everyone who wants to make $-Money with Blending


The venue is located in Houston.
Norris Centers – Houston
9990 Richmond Ave., Suite 102
Houston, Texas 77042
(713) 780-9300

Norris Centers Houston

The early bird discounted fee is $ 2099 (if you register before September 16th) per person
The early bird fee is $ 2299 (if you register before October 10th) per person
The late fee is $ 2499 per person
There are also special discounts for a group of 3 or more students of the same company.
Refinery Automation Institute provides: Breakfast, Lunch, Mid-Morning and Mid-Afternoon meals (hotel is not included).
            CLICK THE BUTTON TO REGISTER or send an e-mail to info@refautom.com

*Please bring with you a laptop. We recommend to bring a windows based laptop, because the software works only on Windows and it requires Microsoft Excel installed with the solver active.

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