Learn about Ethanol Uses, Benefits, and Chemical Safety Facts

Learn about Ethanol Uses, Benefits, and Chemical Safety Facts

The common name used for Ethanol is Grain Alcohol, Alcohol or Ethyl Alcohol. It is a liquid which has no color and is the primary ingredient in the drinks like beer, wine, Champagne or any other alcoholic beverage. Ethanol is a very useful product and is the base for many day to day products. It easily dissolves in water and hence it is used in personal care products, hygiene products, disinfectants, paints and what not. You can find a lot of uses of Ethanol in daily life very easily. Ethanol is a product that is formed as a result of fermentation. 

Ethanol Chemical

Uses & Benefits of Ethanol

Personal Care –

Ethanol is a very common ingredient in all kinds of personal care products right from moisturizer to hair spray and also the toner. Ethanol has the strength to kill all the bacteria and germs and hence it is the key ingredient for all kinds of sanitizers and acted as a life saver in this worldwide pandemic called covid19. 

Household  & Cleaning –

Ethanol is also used in many cleaning agents for regular use in households. It easily mixes with water and also kills germs to a great extent, it is also effective in the removal of stain and sometimes it even works as a preservative for many products.

Food –

Ethanol also enhances the flavor of different extracts. In fact, ethanol is also a key ingredient for food essence like vanilla essence. 

Fuel –

Ethanol is even used as fuel, and the majority of the gasoline contains ethanol in the US.

Beverage –

Alcohol is popularly used as a beverage. Almost all the hard drinks contain enough amount of ethanol or alcohol and are always up in demand. There are a variety of drinks available such as cocktails, where the amount of ethanol is diluted with various flavored drinks. If not consumed within the limit, alcohol can be a bad addiction.

Safety While Use

Ethanol Chemical Safety Facts

Ethanol is a kind of chemical which has to be kept far from the flame as it is highly flammable. One needs to check that a distance has to be maintained between the chemical and flame. Also, the direct inhale of concentrated ethanol can cause issues like extreme headaches and also coughing in many cases. 

Though ethanol has been tested and proven that it is the safe ingredient to use in food products, it’s just that, the direct use of ethanol in its concentrated or pure form is somehow regulated by the Alcohol bureau as it is the purest Alcohol and can be highly effective. When ethanol is used in the substances like household cleaning agents or personal care products, a chemical called denaturant is added which makes it unusual for humans to consume, and hence, it is advised not to ever consume any such product even by mistake, this can be really dangerous for your health. Refinery Automation Institute, LLC explains many benefits of ethanol when it is used correctly, in fact, it can act as a medicine in many cases, but one should be aware and avoid consuming anything before the right research.

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