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Refinery Automation Institute stepped up and decided to sell its own VLSFO 0.5wt% sulfur with a viscosity around 300-380 CST. RAI will provide high quality bunker fuel oil meeting all the ISO-8217 specs and using proprietary equations to predict stability and compatibility, so you will get high quality and compatible and stable bunker.

High Quality Bunker Fuel Oil

Thanks to the expertise of Ara Barsamian (in business for over 50 years), RAI will supply bunker Worldwide, satisfying clients expectations.

Reach out to us to start working together. We have almost fulfilled our monthly production for 2020.

Excellent Quality

RAI will provide high-quality bunker fuel oil

Competitve Price
Price and value graph

High value for a competitive price

RAI besides supplying excellent and stable VLSFO, will also help ship owners, terminals, refineries, traders, brokers, to troubleshoot issues bunker related.

We have tailored studies for you to hit the market running.

Send us an e-mail at info@refautom.com

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