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In-Line Blending

Blending Today

Many refineries and oil terminals are still blending components using a batch blending by sequential pumping to a tank. This means, pumping sequentially “n” components from blend component tanks to a final product tank.

Blending in this way produces large property giveaway, immobilizes storage tank and inventory, could result in off-spec non sellable product , it is time consuming and the blend can take more than one day, beside other side effects.

Why In-Line Blending?

There are many advantages in using an inline blender vs. sequential pumping components to a blend tank; for example:

  1. With an inline blender you can reduce the blending time by at least 50%, which and frees tanks for other purposes and requires less inventory on hand;
  2. Much smaller octane and vapor pressure property giveaway;
  3. No offspecs or re-blends;
  4. Minimize demurrage charges.
  5. Fewer/less testing of blend samples (saving $);
Sequential Blending

Manual Tank Blending

In-Line Blending

In-line blending system

Refinery Automation Institute is in this business for over 25 years, designing in-line blender for gasoline, diesel and bunker worldwide.

Save $-Money and switch to in-line blending.

We are helping you:

  • save money
  • increase the tank farm thruput
  • automate the process and make the things easy


  • A modular drop-In place skid mounted, pre-wired, turn-key blender
  • You need just to prepare the concrete pad for the skid
  • use, “Install and Forget” High Reliability Components like:
    • Coriolis Flowmeters
    • Grabner RVP Analyzer, with 0.1 psi of reproducibility.
    • Spectroscopic Multi-Properties Analyzer (FTIR)
  • We provide Performance Guarantee; following all the steps, before and after the installation
  • Installation and start-up assistant
  • Operator and planner training
  • Complete technology transfer
  • Designed for gasoline, diesel and bunker
  • We design and assist with obtaining EPA waiver for in-line blend release (ILBR) and in-line blend certification (ILBC)


One of the best Analyzers suppliers that we advise is Topnir. They have the best and latest technology. We work together for an excellent outcome. Performance guarantee. Click here for more info.

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