Blending Giveaway Economic Performance Assessment Study for: Gasoline, Diesel, Bunker

Gasoline Blending Studies


Today many refineries are leaving million dollars/year “on the table” from RVP and Octane giveaways because of poor on-line analyzer installation and mis-configured on-line blend optimizers.

This results in a very large property giveaway (octane and vapor pressure), a big gap between planned and actual blend recipes resulting in non-optimal use of blend components (recipe giveaway), re-blends, missed shipments, and poor tankage utilization.

A survey of U.S. G.C. refineries’ gasoline blending performance based on actual numbers quantifies the potential losses that can be avoided. Let us help you reduce these economic performance “hits” by recovering 10 to 15 million dollars a year from improved gasoline blending operations.


Area of Improvement Comments
Reduction of Blend AKI and RVP Giveaway Includes conflicts between Refinery LP and Blending
Reduction of TVL Giveaway TVL competes against RVP
Reduce RVP Seasonal Rollover Giveaway Multi-blend multi-time period schedule optimization
Short term logistics optimization Best timing for producing a batch
Reducing tankage 1 RBOB and 1 Cat Gas tanks
Improved segregation of blend components
Reduced RIN exposure by increasing exports 10% of gasoline exported to Mexico
Total “ABC” Refineryr [Refinery] Potential Benefits (M$/yr) 5 to 15+ millions/yr depending on production capacity
Costs to Capture Benefits 2 to 15 millions, depending on existing blending facilities

We do gasoline blending economic performance analysis and recommend ongoing monitoring to capture these potential improvements and contribute another $5 to $15 million annually to the bottom line. More info here.

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