Blending Advice : Gasoline, Diesel, Bunker

RIN Headaches? Are you looking for a solution?

Tired of paying RIN fines everyday? Have you ever thought about the possibility of using alternative Bio-fuels such as Bio-Diesel and Renewable Diesel to lower your obligation? What about exporting the gasoline and by-pass the RIN fineentirely?

We can help you to find a profitable but smart option.

Read the paper we just wrote about RIN’s problem here.

Need help with Octane and RVP giveaway ?

The 70% of US refineries have a physical giveaway. How can you solve this atrocious economic problem?

Are you measuring the properties properly? Are you investing money for very precise instruments to reduce the error? Is your data reliable? Are you using the right blend control systems? Are you calculating the properties linearly or non linearly? Do you have an in-line blender?

We can help you to reduce the giveaway by doing a root-cause analysis, going through the LP and analyzing all the critical points.

Fighting Planning & Scheduling giveaway ?

Do you have a blend recipe giveaway (gap between planned and actual)? Problems meeting specs?

We analyze all the steps, troubleshoot the problem, and give solutions.

Selecting the $Best components

Making gasoline, diesel and bunker it’s not easy unless you know which components to buy. We help you buying the right components making a profitable batch.

Advice on Ethanol Blending and Reformer Severity

We compare the cheap Ethanol octane boost vs. reformer severity. What is the reformer severity? (it’s an adjustment I do at the reformer to increase or decrease the research octane). Here the point is if we use reformate in our gasoline what should the octane number of reformate be that when we add ethanol we exactly meet the specs????? For example going from reformer severity 100 ON to 95RON, it may be worth $20M dollar at year, because I lower the hydrogen consumption, I use less catalyst, less energy, and produce more reformate (more gasoline to sell). But  I need to understand if I make 95RON reformate is it sufficient to meet the spec when I add 10% of EtOH.  It generally is a win-win proposition.

Minimizing RVP seasonal Rollover with Improved Blend Planning

What we do when we approach seasonal RVP changes? Going from Summer to Transition/Winter is relatively easy, because we can use cheap butane to increase the RVP. Going from Winter/Transition to Summer is more complicated because we need to pull the vapor pressure down and we can’t use the same strategy adopted during Winter?

Recent US glut of shale crude oil produces large amounts of Naphtha; are you exploiting/using more Light and Heavy Naphtha?

We help you to find the right components and to PLAN properly the rollover transition.

Looking for doing business with new alternative fuels (Bio-fuels) ?

Have you ever thought about the possibility of using Bio-ETBE? Of course right now it’s a bit more expensive than the sugarcane/corn based ethanol but there is a big advantage: you can blend it directly in  a pipeline or a barge, reduce RIN losses and increase saleable volume.

What about Bio-diesel (FAME)? People are afraid to blend those, but there is opportunity to sell the finished product to other countries.

Making $-Money with Butane

Going from summer to winter is easy and economically profitable if we use plentiful and cheap butane.

What butane you should buy? Is there is room in your gasoline to inject butane? Did you think of buying cheap butane, even with high sulfur and use it as blend component to increase your profit?

We can help you make more money finding the right solution.

Looking for a solution to the new 0.5% sulfur bunker spec ?

We discussed the IMO 2020 0.5% S global specs issue at the bunker conference in Fujairah; you can see the presentation here.

Despite press hysteria, we show you that making 0.5% sulfur Bunker is not too complicated or scary as you thought. You can make it with common, widely-available blend components without going bankrupt. To guide clients, we made sample recipes just for you.

We also show you six different alternatives to the IMO 2020 regulation.

We provide Blending Process Training

We provide public and in-house blending course for gasoline, diesel and bunker worldwide. We also provide customized in-house courses to meet all your requirements. Contact us for a quotation.

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