Ethanol Match Blending

RAI’s “Magic Soft” Ethanol
Match Blending Made Easy

What is match blending?

Q. Match what?

 A. Finished Ethanol Gasoline Specs


 A. EPA requires certification of Ethanol gasolines by:

  • Doing hand-blend of gasoline with 10% Ethanol
  • Measuring the cocktail properties in a Lab using ASTM test methods

In-Line match blending Scheme

Modification of blender to read “like-hand-blend”

Needs to:

Feed ethanol to the on-line analyzer input from ethanol tanks

Modify it

Ethanol match blending Hassle

Requires costly equipment for in-line blending:

– Ethanol tank and plumbing

– Redundant pump with filters

– Control system and software for dosing input to

– Blend optimizer modification to compare with ethanol specs

RAI’s Ethanol match blending Software

On-line analyzers certify per EPA requirements:

– Both conventional and spectrometers (NIR/FTIR)

– Predictors on analyzers

Match blending software verifies that blend recipes give on-spec blends

– On-line single blend optimizer–

and more flexible than direct match equipment

RAI’s “Magic Soft” match blending

RAI Soft Match Blending Model:

– Uses Ethanol boost prediction model equations derived from lab measurements of neat and with Ethanol data

– Corrects the neat on-line analyzer readings to read just like the “Physical Match Hand Blending”

– Does not require the HAND BLENDING and extra equipment!

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