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Gasoline Blending Services

Refinery Automation Institute, LLC is a Fuel blending consulting company located in the United States, providing blending advisory services for gasoline, diesel, and bunker worldwide.

We provide Blending Advice such as:

  • Designing In-line Blenders with the modular drop-in place, skid mounted and pre-wired, for gasoline, diesel, and bunker
  • Addressing ON and RVP giveaway
  • Planning & Scheduling giveaway
  • Providing solutions to RIN Headaches
  • Buying the $-Best components
  • Dealing with incompatible/unstable fuel oil

Automating the blending process has never been so easy. We will guide you through all the steps, ensuring a performance guarantee and a continuous improvement in performance.

We are the prominent company for blending courses for gasoline, diesel, and bunker fuel, with over 5000 student graduates. We provide in-person public and online courses.

We are here to provide high-quality service with over 50 years of experience in offering the best blending $-advice.

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