Blending Giveaway Economic Performance Assessment Study for: Gasoline, Diesel, Bunker

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[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Today many US refineries are leaving million dollars/year “on the table” because of: RVP, AKI giveaway, recipe giveaway (disconnection between planned and actual), VOC giveaway, not using properly MBO (multi blend optimizer), and Refinery LP, re-blending too many times, overusing the tanks and etc. We quantified all these issues and we put some numbers to give you an idea.

USA “ABC” Refinery – Summary of Blending Improvements Economics
(1)Basis of Estimates = Extrapolation from US Complex Refinery, 100 KBPD Gasoline Production





Area of Improvement Comments
Reduction of Blend AKI and RVP Giveaway Includes conflicts betw RefLP and Blending
Reduction of TVL Giveaway TVL competes against RVP
Reduction of VOC Giveaway Switch to “Per Gallon” VOC spec
Reduction of Planned Recipe Giveaway Lower recipe variability
Exploit Ethanol Octane Boost Allows RBOB/CBOB neat spec “fat” reduction
Lowering Reformer Severity from 100 RON to 94RON Zero risk at 100RON
Reduce RVP Seasonal Rollover Giveaway Multi-blend multi-time period schedule optimization
Short term logistics optimization Best timing for producing a batch
Reducing tankage 1 RBOB and 1 Cat Gas tanks
Improved segregation of blend components
Reduced RIN exposure by increasing exports 10% of gasoline exported to Mexico
Total “ABC” Refineryr Potential Benefits (M$/yr) 5 to 15+ millions/yr depending on production capacity
(2)Costs to Capture Benefits 2 to 15 millions, depending on existing blending facilities


We do gasoline blending economic performance analysis and recommend ongoing monitoring to capture these potential improvements, potentially contribute another $5 to $15 million annually to the bottom line.

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