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NEW RAI Blend Optimizer

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Gasoline Package

Gasoline Package

Refinery Automation Institute provides the gasoline package (exercise, pdf and optimizer demo) with an exceptional price. The gasoline package enclosed over 40 years of experience in the blending field.

You can buy the single item or all the package.

  • Crack Spread Economics calculator
  • Blend Calculator (linear by volume)
  • RON calculator (non linear)
  • RVP calculator (non linear)
  • Distillation temperature calculator (non-linear)
  • Gasoline Blendstock Price Calculator (Platt’s method)
  • Ethanol Boost Calculator
  • EPA complex model compliance calculator
  • Monthly Planner Spreadsheet
  • Barrel Balancing Calculator
  • Gasoline Blend Optimizer (Demo version)
Gasoline Course Material
  • Introduction to blending
  • Gasoline Blending
  • Gasoline Specifications, Components & Additives
  • Blending Components (Properties and Pricing)
  • Introduction to gasoline Blending Optimization
  • Smart Blend Optimizer for Gasoline
  • EPA Regulations
  • Blending Properties calculation
  • Non-linear property calculation
  • Blending Economics
  • Blending Analysis (which component buy)
  • Blend Control
  • Lab and On-line test
  • Precision, Dispute, Resolution and setting Blend Target
  • In-line blend Release & Certifications
  • Ethanol Blending
  • Introduction to RIN’s

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Diesel Package

Diesel Package

  • Crack Spread Economics calculator
  • Manual Blend Calculator (linear by volume)
  • Cetane Index Calculator (non linear, 6 methods)
  • Diesel Linear blending Calculator
  • Viscosity Calculator (non linear)
  • Diesel Blendstock price calculator (Platt’s method)
  • Sulfur Contamination
  • Diesel On-Road Emissions Calculator
  • MGO-MDO Blender
  • CFPP Calculator
  • Cloud Index Calculator
  • Off Specs Correction Calculator (linear)
  • Diesel Blend Optimizer (DEMO version)
Diesel Course Material
  • Introduction to blending
  • Diesel Blending
  • Diesel Specifications, Components & Additives
  • Diesel Components (Properties and Pricing)
  • Introduction to Diesel Blending Optimization
  • Smart Blend Optimizer for Diesel
  • Linear / non linear diesel property calculation
  • Diesel Lab and On line tests
  • Blending Economics
  • Blending control
  • Blending Analysis ( which component buy)
  • Precision, Dispute, Resolution and setting Blend Target
  • Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel
  • Calculation Benefit of Blending Automation

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Bunker Package

Bunker Package

  • Crack Spread Economics calculator
  • Viscosity Calculator
  • Giveaway Viscosity Calculator
  • Giveaway Sulfur Calculator
  • Sulfur + Viscosity Profit
  • Dispute Resolution Estimator
  • Manual Blend Properties Calculator (all linear; visco-nonlinear)
  • Monthly Planner Spreadsheet
  • Net specific Energy
  • Bunker Blendstocks price calculator (Platt’s method)
  • Sample World Prices
  • Cost of Ship Fuel
  • Bunker Blend Optimizer (Demo version)
Bunker Course Material
  • Introduction to blending
  • Marine Fuel Specifications, Components & Additives
  • Bunker Blending
  • Bunker Blend Properties: linear / non-linear calculation
  • Blend Components: Properties and pricing
  • Introduction to Bunker Blend Optimization
  • Smart Blend Optimizer for Bunker
  • Blending Economics
  • Blend Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Clean Fuels and Environmental
  • Lab and on-line test

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Blend Recipe Optimizer for Refiners & Traders

Gasoline, Diesel and Bunker

RAI Blend Optimizer instantly makes money for Blenders, Refiners, and Traders:

  • Maximizes blend profit using prices
  • Meets all specs simultaneously
  • Non-linear calculations reduce octane and RVP giveaway
  • Respects inventory constraints
  • Blends up to 20 blend components
  • Selects/Compares “best” component to buy/use
  • Ethanol Boost and Oxygenates Boost
  • EPA Complex Model
  • Sulfur, Benzene Credits and RVO, RIN

Built-in calculators for:

  • EPA Complex Model RBOB VOC reduction
  • Ethanol Blends: Octane & RVP Boost

Built-in Libraries for:

  • Colonial PL specs
  • Domestic specs
  • Export specs: EU, Asia Pacific, Latin America
  • Customize Specs

Built-In User Manual and Guide

The software was designed by RAI team led by Modeling Expert Lee Eliseo Curcio, to be easy to use by first-time users, which can be up and running in 15 minutes or less, and productive using all of its features in a couple of hours.

  • Maximizes Blend Profit
  • Non-linear property calculations to minimize giveaway
  • Extremely easy-to-use. You need only to decide the blend components, inventory and their prices.
  • The most important specs and blendstocks are already in built-in Libraries, you can modify them or add new ones
  • Has built-in the EPA Phase 2 model and Ethanol boost calculators
  • Saves your time with pre-built “blend case” libraries for both US and metric units countries that can be “cloned” to suit your needs.

Who can benefit of the NEW RAI Blend Optimizer?

The software is designed for people working in the Oil & Gas business, like refiners, traders, brokers, independent terminal operators, fuel buyers, customers, etc…

The Blend Optimizer, while deceptively easy to use, is a powerful economic tool which allows to understand quickly the profitability of a blend, selection of the right components to make gasoline, diesel and bunker, to meet specs, reduce the blend properties giveaway, verify EPA compliance, Ethanol boost.

After the user enters their own components, inventory and prices, the optimization is instantly done by clicking the “optimize” button.

The Optimum results window shows the user if the optimization is feasible or not, the optimum recipe, the optimum batch, blend predicted properties, and blend profit.

The tool is powerful because the user can play back (backcast) and change a variable, e.g. the inventory of one or more components to generate more blends recipe and compare the profit for various cases.

If the optimization is infeasible, the user can read the blend properties and understand which property is not met, to assist the user to change components, inventory, etc. to meet the spec.

* Refinery Automation Institute provides public and customized Blending and software training courses, to meet the customer needs.

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